Online Classes

Spanish Online Summer Courses: Language Learners

Session: July 6th – July 31st / Ages 5-12

In addition to in-person summer camps ChiCeLaCu! is pleased to offer its Summer 2021 online course selection for students from kindergarten to 6th grade. For registration information, please click here. Please scroll down for class descriptions:

Spanish for Kindergarteners

Children will explore the wonderful world of Spanish through storytelling, music, dance, song, games, puppetry, arts & crafts, and lots of movement. Students will learn numbers, colors, shapes, basic greetings and vocabulary based on the theme of the week. Themes include emotions, needs and wants, family, nature, sports, food, animals, and more. Begin your child’s Spanish journey with ChiCeLaCu!’s established online and in-person language program and experienced teachers.

Beginner Spanish

Grades 1- 3
In this short introductory course, students will learn Spanish fundamentals through interactive and dynamic online activities and games. Music, games, movement storytelling, arts & crafts, are just a few of the many ways students will learn basic greetings, colors, letters, days of the week, months, numbers, and everyday vocabulary and phrases to express immediate needs and wants. This course is recommended for children with some exposure to the language or at most one year of an introductory Spanish course.

Intermediate Spanish

To participate in this class, students must have at least 2-3 years of Spanish instruction. Game-based learning activities in situational contexts and many interactive activities are designed to build vocabulary and confidence in the language. Students will begin forming sentences in the present tense using regular AR, ER, IR verbs. Cultural aspects from various countries as well as music, theater, arts and crafts along with other interactive elements are integrated into the course to keep students engaged and having fun.

Conversational Spanish for Advanced Students

This class applies a variety of interactive activities designed to motivate students to practice speaking Spanish in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. Activities will focus on increasing students’ confidence in speaking Spanish by building vocabulary and practicing using verbs in the past and future tense. Ideal for advanced students with 3-5 years of Spanish exposure and who are looking for opportunities to improve their verbal fluency.