Online Classes

Spanish Online Summer Courses: Fluent / Highly Proficient

Session: June 28 – August 8th / Ages 5-12

In addition to in-person summer camps ChiCeLaCu! is pleased to offer its Summer 2021 online course selection for students from kindergarten to 6th grade. For registration information, please click here. Please scroll down for class descriptions:

Cartoon Drawing in Spanish

Cartoon Drawing for Kindergarteners in Spanish

If you can draw circles, squares, and triangles, welcome to this course! Students will discover how easy it is to draw cartoons, kittens, dogs, a variety of animals and, of course, their favorite superheroes using circles, squares and triangles. With a very dynamic step-by-step process, students will put on paper what’s in their imagination using basic materials like colored pencils, crayons and pencils. Students will apply Funko and Kawaii drawing techniques to make their creations even more charming. This course is suitable for children ages 5 and 6 years who have an interest in drawing.

Cartoon Drawing for Beginners in Spanish (Grades 1-3)

Taught in Spanish, students will learn and apply practical and simple drawing techniques and recognizable geometric figures to bring their characters to life. Using paper and pencil, students will draw bodies in motion as well as facial characteristics and expressions that effectively convey emotion, making their creations realistic and unique. A fun and dynamic way to learn to draw while improving listening skills and conversational fluency.

Cartoon Drawing Intermediate in Spanish

A fun and challenging course where students apply vanishing points and depth simulation, among other important techniques, to create animals with human characteristics in dynamic backdrops. With explanations from the instructor that are simple, personalized and completely in Spanish, students will develop rich vignettes with dialogue bubbles and characters displaying human emotions such as fear, sadness, excitement, and joy.

Cartoon Drawing Advanced in Spanish

A fabulous idea can catapult an illustration to another level! This course focuses on the creative development of the child, bringing wonderful illustrations to the canvas and ideas to life. Students will be immersed in the fun world of cartooning where they will learn to draw dynamic creatures in comic strip formats or as illustrations, design comic book covers, and develop their very own stories. Specifically, students will learn to create greeting card illustrations, animal comic strips, editorial illustrations, storyboards all while improving their drawing strokes and use of ink and color. As a final project, students will create their very own comic strip.

How to draw Manga in Spanish

Anime and manga have become immensely popular all over the world. Originating in Japan, both are storytelling vehicles filled with dynamic characters and vibrant settings that appeal to children and adults alike. Students will work on male and female heads and faces in different positions (frontal, side, and ¾ views), hairstyles, and bodies until they achieve the unique and magnificent expressions characteristic of Manga drawings. In addition, students will learn to draw costumes and scenes in the Manga style. The course will start with the basics and gradually advance to develop more complex and unique characters. Join us for yet another fantastic drawing adventure with ChiCeLaCu!

Pencil Drawing in Spanish

Pencil Drawing for Beginners in Spanish

Learn to Draw!
Students will learn the fundamentals – color composition, perspective, proportions, shadow, highlights, gradations of tone, and much more. Ideal for an aspiring artist or anyone simply interested in a fun, unique,  and relaxed way to practice the language.

Pencil Drawing Intermediate in Spanish

Draw landscapes- rivers, mountains, trees and more
A more advanced drawing course for children with knowledge of proportions and the use of light and shadow, this class delves into volumetry, and the basic drawing of landscapes in aerial and marine views using led and color pencils. With each stroke, students will discover how perfectly capable they are of drawing portraits thought too difficult or even impossible previously. They will hone their sketching skills to develop more elaborate landscapes through the use of light and shadow as well as the combination of colors that highlight the natural beauty of the scenery, for both land and sea.

Pencil Drawing Advanced in Spanish

Draw animals, flowers in b/w and color
Do you want to draw terrific mountains, realistic scenery and animals such as wolves, lions, cats, dogs, reptiles, birds, deers and horses? Combine everything you’ve learned so far to create even more impressive and realistic creatures and scenery. In this course,  students who have previously taken Pencil Drawing 1 and 2 will build upon their skills and refine their drawings to achieve more realistic finishes through continuous lines, color combinations and use of light and shadow. Students will expand their portfolios with improved techniques that will enhance their ability to draw amazing creations. We will ask students what they want to draw.

Coding in Spanish

Coding in Spanish Level 1

Spanish and Coding? YES!  A fun combination where students explore coding while practicing and improving their Spanish listening and verbal competencies. Students will get a taste for design and programming, culminating in the development of their very own game or story. The course teaches children real text-based programming from day one with an easy and game-like approach. The course is intuitive so children can jump right into programming without having any previous coding experience.

Coding in Spanish Level II

In this course, students will continue mastering the challenges introduced in level one. In this practical and fun Spanish Coding course, students will dive right into coding with JavaScript, one of the world’s most scalable and popular programming languages. They will gain an understanding of basic programming concepts and will develop and run their JavaScript code using a web-based application development laboratory. Students will work on the basics of programming– variables, control statements, loops, and boolean logic – and build a solid foundation for tackling new technology and programming languages. Students will leave the course with a very competitive coding background, and with the motivation to continue honing their coding skills.

//// Not offered this summer ////

Matemáticas Divertidas I: Grades 4, 5, 6

The objective of this course is to foster in students a love of math through its many real-life applications, while at the same time building a strong foundation in arithmetic. This is a fast-paced course offered by grade and based on an advanced math curriculum applied in Latin American countries. Math and Spanish is a fun combination where students get to play with numbers, solve math problems in fun and innovative ways, apply measurements, explore geometric figures, master fractions, and much more. An introductory algebra module is taught for 5th and 6th graders in the last 4 weeks of the course to prepare students for Matematicas Divertidas II.

//// Not offered this summer ////

Matemáticas Divertidas II: Grades 5-7

Algebra is fun! We recommend taking Matematicas Divertidas I prior to taking this class. Students must have mastered basic math skills such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, and fractions to start learning Algebra. Students will delve into integers, one-step equations, inequalities and equations, graphs and functions, percent, and probabilities among other things. They will learn, understand and apply linear relationships using equations, graphs, and tables. Do you know that learning algebra in Spanish helps develop critical thinking skills? Students will learn to think outside the box through various problem-solving, logic, pattern, and reasoning activities. Technology will be used to introduce and expand upon the areas of study listed above. This course fuses  Spanish and Math in a very interactive way, making the learning process effective and fun. We use a friendly platform, games, and traditional handwritten exercises, applying the time-honored way of teaching Algebra in Latin American countries with the famous Baldor Algebra textbook.

//// Not offered this summer ////

Arts & Crafts Workshop

A virtual place where the child’s creativity will soar! This workshop will use various artistic expressions to engage students in the language. Participants will be busy creating paper art and telling stories through silhouette theater, learning stamping techniques, making fantastic Paper Mache creatures, sculpting with molding clay, making cloth animals, and designing and making doll fashions—all in a complete Spanish immersion environment!