Will my child be fluent in Spanish by the time she graduates from the program?

An academically serious cannot promise that a child will be fluent in a new language within months. Developing oral and written skills takes at least 3 to 4 years. Our experience indicates that a long-term curriculum of at least 4 consecutive years is necessary for children to reach Spanish proficiency. Typically, children become familiar with the language in the first two years of the program but their comprehension exceeds their verbal skills. We recommend that a child participate in our our program at least 2 to 3 days a week during the academic year and in our camps during the summer. 

What is the typical experience for a child who does not speak Spanish?

Initially, there is a period of adjustment. To engage students, we incorporate fun activities, songs, dances, and a tutorial program. We help build a “linguistic bridge” by emphasizing the theme of “We are all brothers and sisters.” Within the first three months, children begin to feel comfortable and competent. Children seem to assimilate quickly to this environment. Parents can help by being patient and enthusiastic about their child’s participation in the program.

How can parents get involved?

• Helping with homework
• Encouraging their efforts
• Practicing the language with them
• Volunteering in the classroom
• Participating in organized events

How will my son and/or daughter benefit from this program?

• Students learn another language, giving them an edge in the U.S. and global economy
• Students learn about, understand, and respect other cultures
• The program helps to preserve and respect a child’s ethnic and cultural heritage and language
• It prepares students to take advanced Spanish in middle school and high school

What can I do to get this Immersion program into my child’s school?

School or PTA support is necessary for successful implementation of the program. The school must agree to offer the physical space necessary, and there must be minimum of 10 students per level. We also work with PTAs to establish small group rates where transportation is provided to bring students to our Vienna facility for classes after school. If you are a private or public school interested in learning more about the program, ChiCeLaCu! welcomes the opportunity to visit the school and discuss the program in more detail. For more information, please email us at info@childrencenterlanguage.com

What are the benefits of the program for English speakers?

Our immersion program offers the opportunity to learn a second language with highly qualified instructors who apply dynamic and innovative teaching strategies. Our experience indicates that a long-term curriculum of at least 4 consecutive years is necessary for children to reach Spanish proficiency. According to research, studying a second language enhances intellectual potential and improves academic achievement.

My child already speaks Spanish. How will this program help her?

Children who speak Spanish will learn to read and write following a curriculum similar to those used in Latin America. We work with each child to improve grammar, vocabulary, writing and conversational skills. Not only will their Spanish improve but they will also gain greater respect and appreciation for their own cultural heritage and the diversity that makes up our nation.

Is this a childcare program?

No. This is a learning center with a rigorous academic curriculum. While we make learning Spanish fun and engage our students with dynamic and interactive strategies, this program is intended for families who are truly committed to having their children learn a second language.

Why choose ChiCeLaCu!?

  1. ChiCeLaCu! is the only center in Northern Virginia that specializes in Spanish. We operate Monday through Saturday and work with children from Pre-K through 6th grade.
  2. We offer highly qualified instructors and effective and dynamic curricula that combines classroom instruction with the visual and performing arts.
  3. Our teachers have bachelor degrees in education and/or Spanish and have many years of classroom experience in Latin America and the United States.

How can I register my child?

• By telephone: (571) 210-0161
• Online: www.spanishclassesforchildren.com/admissions
• By mail: info@chicelacu.com / Please send the registration form to: Children’s Center for Language and Culture (ChiCeLaCu!)